Piano Lessons With Mania
Where Words Fail, Music Speaks
-- Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875)

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Mania Vehouni
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"Mania has been my piano teacher through elementary and middle school. I could not ask for a better teacher. She puts so much effort into everything and the meticulous steps and forms she advises me to use really defines her excellent teaching skills. She also is very enthusiastic and has a very strong love for the piano. She will always be right there next to me and help me when I get frustrated. She tells me to breath and read the music. She never rushes through the pieces and makes sure that everything is perfect and well done including accents, dynamics and of course me playing the correct notes. I highly recommend Mania to anyone especially to someone new to the instrument. I look forward to continuing with her during my high school years." - Garen V.
"I have studied under Mania for about eight years now. Not only is she a excellent piano teacher, she is also a great friend. Over the years, she has helped me reach the Advanced level of the Certificate of Merit test, and has encouraged me to participate in Branch Honors and Festival recitals. I greatly admire her patience and her dedication to her students, and I am so thankful that she has taken her time to guide me through both the complexities of music and the complexities of life. She is a wonderful mentor, an inspiration to many, and of course, a fellow enthusiast of classical music". - Sophie Z.
"Mania Vehouni has been my piano teacher for over 8 years and because of her patience and dedication, I am currently a Certificate of Merit Level 8 piano performer. I have passed every piano exam because of her wonderful teaching tactics. However, not only is Mania a teacher; she is also a friend who cares about my success as both a person and a performer!" - Maggie C.
"Mania has taught me for almost thirteen years. I am an adult student, and began learning piano from Mania in my late thirties. It’s not easy to learn as an adult, and I think it must also be difficult to teach an adult. My enthusiasm (far) outstrips my natural ability, but Mania works with what I have, patiently, steadily working to help me improve. She is always encouraging and supportive. I look forward to my lesson with her each week, and I am grateful to her for sharing her knowledge of music and the piano with me." - Wayne V.
'I have studied under Mania since late 2003, and she has not only helped shape me as a pianist but also as a person. I have both experienced and seen the dedication she pours into her teaching. Her patience, kindness and love for piano create a comfortable learning environment where students can explore and reach their full potential. I have not only learned techniques that aid me in music but skills such as discipline in practice that I can apply to other aspects of my life. I am incredibly thankful and proud that I can call her my teacher." - Nina V.
"One day, a sweet little lady showed up in our living room. My parents sat my six year old self down and said, "Tatiana, you're going to be taking piano lessons from Mania." I replied, "Okay!," naive to what significance this simple decision would have on my future. The first several years, I didn't want to take lessons. I thought, what's the point? I'm fine with my Radio Disney! I fought hard, was stubborn, flaunted lethargy... But Mania was patient. Her passion for fine music was radiant and infectious. Reflecting back now, I am positive that is what allowed her to persist. And for that, I am forever grateful. I am now twenty-two years old, and I so greatly cherish my ongoing friendship with Mania. She taught me how to practice, how to persist, how to demand more of myself, and how to get results. These success principles not only translated to the piano but to life as well. And to me, Mania is more than just a piano teacher— she is a dear friend, coach, and mentor." - Tatiana C.
"Mania Vehouni have been teaching my three daughters for the past four years. We have been very pleased with her expertise and knowledge of the music and the piano. Her love of music is shown through her patience as a teacher and have guided the girls through several years of lessons. Mania's dedication to teaching is often times above and beyond one can ever expect, and she is also very genuine and kind to her students. I have to say that my daughter's piano techniques are very polished because of the help of Mania." - Amy M.
"It has been a life saver for me to have my piano lessons at home. I started when my children were young and it allowed me to have music in the house while they were growing up. Mania is patient, kind and diligent about her pursuit to improve your piano skills. She has worked with my shortcomings in ability and is always positive and supportive. I hope that she will continue to add young students so that they can learn to have an appreciation for music as they grow up. She has become a friend to the family after all these years and will teach you with her infectious love of the piano." - April